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September 2017

When “No” is Not Enough!


From almost the day our daughter could speak “no” was her favorite word. I know for a fact it was a very popular choice for my husband and I to use on her.  As she gets older we have talked with her a bunch about her right to use the word in inappropriate situations.  But [...]

When “No” is Not Enough!2018-09-17T17:33:38+00:00

Why Self Defense Fit Lab?


Let’s face it - The world is not getting any nicer.  Every day the news is littered with stories about violent crimes.  People being victimized with burglaries, rapes, child abductions, home invasions, car jackings, and other senseless crimes.  Gone are the days where we feel safe.  There is a definite need for people to know [...]

Why Self Defense Fit Lab?2022-08-15T14:21:53+00:00
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