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Self-Defense Fit Lab specializes is just pure Self-Defense! Our primary focus is on Krav Maga and Mastro Defence System. Both martial arts were developed just for self-defense. They are not a competition art nor do we have forms or katas to learn – just practical self-defense skills that we practice on a weekly basis so it becomes second nature. What we do is not pretty nor can we compete in it because there are no rules. We just teach you how to protect yourself and your loved one but whatever means necessary.

Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and is widely regarded as the best self-defense system because of its efficient, no-nonsense, tactics that emphasize instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. It is offered to thousands of people, including law enforcement agencies and military units across the globe.

The Mastro Defence System is a very effective “no-nonsense self-defense system” filled with invaluable survival skills for every-day life encounters. The founder – Fred Mastro – has over 20 years of experience in private security work and close protection. He is a defense specialist which helped him develop and adapt techniques for the everyday-citizens. He has trained armed forces and special units across the world in knife techniques and improvised weaponry as well as empty hand combat.

Training at Self Defense Fit Lab is the absolute best way to learn to defend yourself against real-world dangers. Our commitment to Southern California is to empower people to be safe, healthy, and confident. Come in for a free trial class today!


Cliff Odette
Cliff Odette Owner | Head Instructor

Cliff had over 20 years experience in Roman Grecco freestyle wrestling, and 3 years BJJ, Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do before he found Krav Maga.  In Krav Maga, he found a practical Self Defense style in which you can become proficient in it very shortly and just get better and better at it through the years. He believes it is a style that everyone should take some time to learn at least of few pieces of it.

Chris Serrania
Chris SerraniaManager/Head Instructor

Chris started Krav Maga in 2012, became a level 1 instructor in 2013, achieved the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt First-Degree in 2015, and now he is currently a Third-Degree Black Belt while still training both Krav Maga and MDS. He started MDS training in 2018 and received his certification in 2019. He has a great passion for teaching and always strives to become a better version of himself. He loves empowering his students through their training, confidence, and ability to get home safe.

Hanna Bueno
Hanna BuenoAssistant Youth Instructor

Hanna has trained in karate throughout her college career and taught women’s self-defense courses on campus. She started Krav Maga looking for a martial art that focused on real-world scenarios and effective self-defense. She believes that building confidence and skill in physical self-defense empowers and enriches personal development. Hanna values the importance of teaching our youth how to get to safety as quickly as possible during stressful and dangerous situations.

Daniel Carlini
Daniel CarliniInstructor

Daniel has extensive experience in defense tactics and personal protection. He has trained in Krav Maga in Europe, Israel, and in the United States. ​​He has served in the Italian Armed Forces, and served with NATO under the command of the USMC. His professional background includes: multinational military operations, private contractor work for international security agencies, various dignitary protection details, and he has served as a corrections officer with the Department of Homeland Security. As a defensive tactics instructor, Daniel has trained law enforcement, military, and private agency personnel. He has taught numerous seminars related to personal security, third party protection, and threat assessment. ​​Daniel is a certified law enforcement and military Krav Maga instructor under the Krav Maga Alliance Force Training Division and 3 degree Krav Maga black belt under AIKMA Israel.

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